Subsea motors

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Picking the right motor for a subsea application is essential, and not straight forward. As a manufacturer of subsea VSDs, Nebb need to have in-depth knowledge of all relevant motor alternatives and their suitability in different conditions. This understanding is paramount for being able to advise the best solutions to our customers.

For a thorough understanding, download and read our 28-page whitepaper on motor selection.

The purpose of this document is to define the technology of the motors which are required by working environment conditions:

  • High sea depth - 3000 m and deeper;
  • Extreme high pressure - 300 bar and more;
  • Extreme temperature variations - from -10 °C until 80 °C, particularly during service and testing on deck;
  • Not easy accessible – deep water;
  • No air for ventilation system;
  • Totally sealed and enclosed structure;
  • Flammable and explosive environment during service and testing on deck.

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Download the 28-page whitepaper on motors for subsea applications.

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