SCADA / Human-Machine-Interface

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Our two-pronged mission is empowering operators to contribute to business excellence; and providing management with important operational insights. Our state-of-the-art HMI/SCADA solutions ensure the operators get the information they need to make the right decisions during operation.

We have decades of experience in developing operator-friendly HMI/SCADA systems, with all the tools operators need in order to supervise and interact with the process.

Technology platforms/solutions

Nebb have specialist in many of the modern SCADA/HMI products and platforms available in the market today. We also have great experience with older systems in both maintain them with adding of new functionality and support as well as upgrading to newer installations to meet today’s demand.

Amongst the broad experience we have in delivering HMI/SCADA Systems we deliver solutions with:

  • Wonderware/Schneider Electric
    • ArchestrA System Platform
    • InTouch
    • Historian & Historian Client
    • Toolkits and Integrations to third party systems
  • Citect/Schneider Electric
    • CitectSCADA
    • CitectHistorian
  • National Instruments
    • LabVIEW
  • Siemens
    • WinCC

We also work with other systems as: Kongsberg AIM, GE e-terra, GE iFix, Rockwell RSView and others.

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There is almost no limit to what todays SCADA/HMI platforms can connect to in terms of devices today. As many of these are easily bought off the shelf, we also develop our own drivers for this where necessary. We have in-house knowledge in developing drivers for various protocols as Modbus, Modbus safe, CANOpen, OPC DA, OPC UA and others using different toolkits and programming languages.

We also work with a number of programming languages and products related to the field as: LabView, Matlab, Microsoft SQL server,C/C++, C#.

As always a System Integrator's life depends on knowing all the challenges and wealth of solutions out there and be able to interface everything in one common environment for the end user.

Contact on SCADA and HMI:

Niklas Fjeldstad
Department Manager
+47 66908300