Robotics & Vision

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An industrial robot is a machine designated to move materials, parts, and tools, or execute high quality, precision, or repetitive tasks in many fields of industry and manufacturing environments.

A general Robot System includes:

  • Robot manipulator - contains the moving parts of the robot.
  • Controller - contains and executes all programs and logic and contains the power supply.
  • End effector - is mounted at the end of the robot manipulator and serves for different purposes (pick and place gripper, welding, etc.).

There are a types of robot manipulators dependent on the robot’s purpose. The number of axes and structure of the robot can vary with its purpose.

Robotics Systems Solutions

A better part of the today’s industrial facilities includes higher number of industrial robots integrated in the process. A Robot Integrated Process is characterized with: flexibility, better quality, and reduced cycle time and cost of the final product.

Some of the ways we integrate a robot in the control system include:

  • EtherNet/IP
  • ProfiNet
  • OPC server

Machine Vision Solutions

Machine vision scanner cameras (2D and 3D) represent a way the robot senses the environment in many control systems. Using the scanner cameras, the robot can have information of an object’s position, orientation, size, and volume, and can recognize shapes of the objects being processed.

Machine vision scanners represents a good sensor element in situations where information about the robot’s work area is needed.