Operator Chairs

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High-end ergonomic operator chair.

The operator chair is suitable for marine and offshore applications.Nebb Operator Chair 2nd generation

A wide variaty of manual and motorised adjustments ensure a comfortable and ergonomic workplace for the operator. This will enhance operator performance, reduce fatigue and stress, and thus lead to increased efficiency. The operator chair can be equipped with customer specific instrumentation and controls, like touch panels, joysticks, rollerball, pushbuttons, switches, control handles, built-in PLC etc. Other customer specific features can be evaluated upon request.

The operator chair can be mounted on deck rails, flush or raised mount, with front-back and side adjustments.

NOC 3rd generationAdditionally the operator chair can be fully integrated with monitors and server cabinet, creating a complete operator station based on the well-proven Nebb control system. There are also possibilities for remote grapics based upon fibre optic interface solutions. Standard peripherals such as keyboard, video and mouse can be extended over distances of more than 250 meters by fiber-optic cabling.

Technical data

Material: Aluminium construction, leather seat and armrest cushions.
Movement: Chair up/down (30 cm), back/forth on deckrail (up to 3 m), left/right rotation (200° standard). Backrest up/down (25°).
Armrests: back/forth (15 cm), up/down individual tilt (10°).
Footrest: up/down (10 cm).
Seat cushion: back/forth (5 cm).
Monitors: up/down (15 cm).
Power requirements: 10A @ 240V.
Height: 1.3 m (lowest position).
Width: 1.05 m (without touchpanels).
Turning diametre: 1.5 m (maximum).

Optional equipment

  • Armrest-mounted touch panel-pc
  • Armrest-mounted steel rollerball
  • Armrest-mounted joystick
  • Buttons and switches
  • Custom length deckrail
  • Cup holders
  • Removable lap table
  • Monitor cabinet with vertically/horizontally mounted widescreen monitors on height adjustable coloumn with room for additional electrical equipment in the cabinet base
  • Server cabinets for complete control station delivery