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Nebb opens office in Macedonia

Skopje, 4 February 2013 - Nebb Group opened Nebb Software, its first branch office in the Balkans.

The entry of the Norwegian Nebb Group to Macedonia is a result of Nebb’s extensive investment research strategies and the Macedonian Government’s efforts for attracting foreign investments.

"This office is one of the results of our continuous work in this sphere. Larger engagement of IT engineers has already been tangible in both foreign and newly-opened domestic companies," said Vele Samak, the Minister for Foreign Investments.

Nebb’s recruitment started towards the end of summer 2012 when 500 applications were submitted by Macedonian career enthusiasts for the initial open positions. This number was deducted to 30 interviews out of which the first team of six Nebb Software engineers were employed.

"Macedonia is not only an excellent tourist destination, but also an attractive one for doing business. Bright future lies ahead of the country. In addition to skillful, well-trained engineers, here we have found kind, friendly people, hospitality and delicious food,” said Åsmund Risøy, Nebb Group CEO and Board Chairman.

At the official opening of Nebb Software, which was held at the Aleksandar Palace Hotel, were present Macedonian companies from the IT Sector, the Mechanical Process Industry, Food & Drink Industry, Healthcare Industry, Power Supply Industry, Mining Industry as well as representatives from the Macedonian Economic Chamber of Commerce and the Norwegian Ambassador Mr. Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg.

“From the next academic year we will be supporting students at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University with scholarships. This will continue the cooperation with the University of Oslo which already has an exchange program with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies of Skopje. Nebb is also looking for ways to contribute to the lab facilities at this faculty and make other contributions as well,” said Alexander Risøy, the Managing Director of Nebb Software.

This will establish a strong base in Skopje, Macedonia and ensure that the same great company culture embedded at Nebb Group is implanted in Nebb Software. Beginning with the initial six employees only a few months back the management of Nebb announced that new recruits are already planned for this spring. Impressed with not only the technical skills and knowledge of the engineers, but also with their working moral and attitude, Alexander Risøy believes that Nebb Software will develop on its own and target not only national projects, but also regional and international ones. 

Written by: Alexander Risøy
Category: Corporate