Nebb Process Pilot

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Recipe manager providing full repeatability of your process.

Great advantages

Nebb Process Pilot represents a fully automated recipe editing and execution system. The Engine module is designed for the process industry and offers real-time monitoring of recipe execution processes. The Editor module has been built to meet the user requirements for simple creation and easy editing of recipes. The new cutting edge design reduces the time used for editing recipes.

This system provides improved accuracy and increases production capacity while reducing production time and maintaining a low rate of process execution errors. 


Integrated with industry-leading SCADA solutions. Process Pilot reduces downtime, improves efficiency and increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The system also manages and ensures repeatability and predictability of the industrial process.

  • Process control with high precision
  • Real-time tag supervision improving quality and safety
  • Reporting modules with Real-time and Historical view
  • Supervision of critical process values during recipe operation
  • Full repeatability and predictability of production process
  • Eliminating operator faults
  • Recipe management

Automatic processing

The production manager can easily describe the optimal process steps by using our Process Pilot on his/her office PC. The recipes are then loaded to the HMI computer and carried out by the control system.

While the pre-programmed process steps are executed automatically, the production can be left unattended. The system will alert the operator if manual operations are necessary. Manual intervention is, however, always and immediately possible.

The quality increase is significant. Faulty operations performed by the operators are almost entirely eliminated. Since measured data is constantly monitored on their limit values (quality measurements), any deviations are registered immediately, and counter-measures can be introduced.

Links and resources:

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