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Microsoft Silver Partner for Application Development

Software development at Nebb focus is on modern cutting-edge technologies with a particular emphasis on .NET (.Net Core). Nebb is a Microsoft Silver Partner.

Here are some of the leading technologies our developers concentrate on:

Some technologies Nebb use

A short teaser description on some of our preferred technologies

  • Most of our current projects are based on the Azure cloud platform or Amazon AWS.
  • C# is the primary development language of most of our developers.
  • .NET/.Net Core – applications are developed on this framework, ensuring platform independence.
  • Angular and TypeScript are our preferred front-end frameworks for making web applications.
  • Our mobile developers currently develop for natively for IOS (Apple). Android development capability is expected in place during 2021.
  • We handle several databases and database technologies, depending on the application. E.g. Microsoft SQL Server, Cosmos DB, Redis or time-series databases such as InfluxDB.

Cyber Security

For industrial systems, security and safety are paramount. Modern control systems increasingly resemble complex IT systems.

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Information Management

Nebb has built up extensive experience and understanding of system processes in many areas.

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Operational Intelligence

In the era of big data very often we see companies storing a vast amount of data without having a real business benefit out of it.

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