Cyber Security

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For industrial systems, security and safety are paramount. Modern control systems increasingly resemble complex IT systems. Furthermore, they are no longer standalone systems, but are interconnected with a multitude of systems and computer networks (for example, corporate and business networks, the Internet). Thus, the links between control system functions and conventional information management systems are increasingly extensive. Although these changes contribute to improved functionality and flexibility, they also cause new security challenges for such systems. Focusing on the security of control systems at all development stages (design, implementation, testing, etc.), and during operation, it is crucial to have a robust control system. It is also vital to be aware of the threats and risks inherent in control systems and prepare counter-measures to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.

Nebb have the necessary competencies and substantial experience from developing and delivering advanced and reliable control systems. When designing new systems, we focus on security and safety throughout the design and development process - from secure system architecture to secure coding and security testing. Besides software products for control systems, Nebb also offers other services related to security in control systems:

Risk and vulnerability analysis
We provide risk and vulnerability analysis of control systems both at the design and at the operational stages. Our approach aims to produce an easy to comprehend risk and vulnerability analysis for management to make the right decisions to reduce the likelihood of threats.

Secure architecture and design
Secure control system design is essential to prevent serious security flaws. We offer our clients services for the design of secure architecture for their control systems. Our objectives are always to design a robust architecture, and to eliminate security flaws at an early stage.

Security requirement specifications
Specifications must encompass not only what a system should do, but also what a system should not do. The latter, which is more relevant to security, is often overlooked by traditional software requirement specifications. Our goal is identifying and specifying security requirements more explicitly, to ensure that high-quality software is delivered based on them.

We are always ready to help our customers find solutions for their open questions or issues related to the security of their systems.