Cloud Technologies

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To move faster, deliver more value, and meet our eve-changing needs more effectively we should leverage the use of new technologies. One technology that drives this kind of business growth is the cloud. Therefore, providing solutions and services based on cloud technologies is part of Nebb’s portfolio. Nebb idea of cloud technologies is mainly based on the “second wave” of cloud computing: where we focus on delivering innovation our customers’ demand. Following the latest research and best practises in the cloud technologies our solutions are based on following architectural patterns:

  • Microservices
  • Serverless Architecture


Microservices are an architectural approach based on fine-grained, loosely coupled services that can enable advanced developer agility, cloud scale, self-healing resilience and always on availability. When we have high expectations from our applications such as rolling version updates with no downtime, distributed scalability and high performance, and low-latency data read and write, then our selection is microservices architectural pattern. We apply microservices for both, new “born-in-cloud” solutions and for legacy applications that we transform to meet the existing and new customer needs.

Serverless Architecture

With the concept of serverless architecture we can provide event-driven solutions that are cost efficient and have “infinite” scalability. The cost efficiency comes from the fact that the cloud providers charges us only for the execution time of our cloud components based on the serverless architecture. The “infinite” scalability enables us to handle infinite number of users with a single source code deployment. Namely, the cloud providers offer different auto scale algorithms to create new instances based on the users’ demand.