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4 kW subsea VSD qualified

We are happy to announce that our 4 kW subsea VSD this spring has passed the qualification tests according to ISO 13628-6!

The 4 kW version has been developed mainly for small subsea pumps, but can run practically any synchronous or asynchronous motor.

The qualification testing is performed to verify that it can tolerate the conditions it may experience during transport, installation and operation subsea. The unit has been through the following qualification tests:

  • Shock
  • Sinusodial vibration
  • Random vibration
  • High temperature
  • Low temperature
  • Thermal cycling

The random vibration test, with 6 grms for 2 hours is by far the toughest of the qualification tests. In practice, this kind of vibration is far more than the unit will experience in normal use, but it proves the robustness of the product.

Nebb has previously qualified the 45 kW model according to the same standard. We also have a 400 kW model under development. See our subsea VSD page for more information about our variable speed drives.

OTC New Technology Award

The Nebb 45 kW subsea VSD was successfully qualified together with the pump system by Fuglesangs Subsea that receives the award ‘OTC Spotlight on New Technology 2017’ at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas at the beginning of May.

Nebb has developed and qualified the flexible, multi-purpose subsea Variable Speed Drive for the pump, and is proud to have contributed to this award-winning project. The pump and VSD was successfully qualified as part of NOV’s Active Subsea Cooler project.

From the OTC Award pages:

“The Omnirise miniBooster is the world’s first barrierfluid-less and seal-less pump intended for permanent subsea applications down to 3000 meters. The system includes a unique subsea electric Variable Speed Drive, and was successfully qualified as part of NOVs’ Active Subsea Cooler system in partnership with Statoil, Shell, Chevron, Total and GE.”

Fuglesangs Subsea also receives the Small Business Award, in support and recognition of innovative technologies being developed by small businesses.

Congratulations to Fuglesangs Subsea and all the team members that contributed to the success of the project.

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