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Nebb Acquires ZENG

Nebb strengthens CCS commitment through acquisition of ZENG AS - Zero Emission Norwegian Gas.

Nebb have been working with ZENG technology since 2004; we aim to continue the development of this technology after the acquisition. Merging this with the oxyfuel technology already developed by Nebb will form a very strong alliance.

Zeng demo plantZENG AS was previously owned by Lyse Energi AS (60%), Nebb Engineering AS (11%), Procom Venture AS (12%) and CO2-Norway (17%).

The first project started in 2004; the parties decided to complete a concept & feasibility study for a nominal 40 MW zero-emission power plant that could be operating in Norway by 2008.

During 2005 a process optimisation study was carried out in order to assess the potential for improving plant thermal efficiency and project economics. A technical paper presented at the ASME Turbo Expo in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada 6-9th June 2005 by Hustad, C-W., Tronstad, I.M., Anderson, R.E., Pronske, K.L. and Viteri, F., provides a summary of the project status through to Q3-2005.

In May 2006 the parties formed the company ZENG AS in order to formalise the further development of its zero emission power plant process cycle within a business entity, that would also enable international commercialisation of the technology and the know-how being developed in the ZENG program.

In 2008 ZENG AS completed a concept study for a zero emissions pilot and demonstration plant. The power plant is based on a process that involves natural gas combustion with oxygen under near stoichiometric conditions. This combustion produces a gas, which mainly is a mix of CO2 and H2O. The CO2 capture is based on a combined process for condensation of the H2O fraction and recompression of the CO2 for injection in a storage structure.

The work was conducted in collaboration with Nebb Engineering AS and the project sponsors were Gassnova, Statoil ASA, Shell Technology Norway AS and Lyse Energi AS. The project duration was 18 months starting May 2006 with a total budget of NOK 7.6m of which around 50% was funded by Gassnova.

During 2008 DNV (Det Norske Veritas) carried out a verification of the ZENG technology to justify the further development of the technology.

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