Subsea Oil & Gas

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There are few industries in the world with tougher demands for quality and safety than the oil and gas sector. With a particular focus on control systems and VSDs for subsea operations, we contribute significantly to the excellence of our internationally respected clients.

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  1. Subsea VSDs.
  2. Subsea Motors - Selecting the right motor for a subsea application.


Here is an incomplete list of some of the projects we have been involved in:

Åsgard add. 5, Norne, Albacora, Troll O2/Vega, Norne Upgrade, Viola, NSAT, Statfjord A/B/C, Stena Don, RLWI mk II , FPSO White Rose, Snorre B, TTRD, Kristin, Aasgard B, Ormen Lange, Fram Vest, RLWI mk I, Nyhamna Gas Terminal, Subsea Trenches, Nakika, Norne Extension, Ringhorne, Sigyn, Aasgard B Upgrade, Roncador FPSO, Mikkel, Alvheim FPSO, Gorilla VIII, Girassol, Chinguetti, Kvitebjørn, Heidrun Nordflanken, Oseberg Delta, GYDA platform BP, Lufeng.